Lowen'83 Soccer Club

Cultural Exchange

San Bruno Youth Soccer Cultural Exchange Program

San Bruno Lowen has been instrumental in providing the opportunity for San Bruno youth to participate in our cultural exchange program since 1979. Little did we know that a single telephone call from Los Angeles in July 1979 would be the beginning of a long-term dynamic cultural exchange program that has now endured for twenty years. The cost of this program has risen substantially over the years, thus San Bruno Lowen helped to organize SBYSCE in 1990 to support teams and athletes and give them the opportunity to participate in this program at all levels.

As you can see from our history attached, our teams have had the opportunity to visit and host teams from other countries and states all over the world. Volunteer parents and adults who have dedicated themselves to continuing this program run this program. Without their dedication none of this would be possible. Through a variety of fundraising programs and dedicated players and families we have developed a program which we hope will continue for years.

The continuation of this program will teach our youth that no matter where one is from that through soccer a feeling of friendship and understanding does exist and through this exchange program we can bring all people closer together. This is a program that will never be forgotten by the youth or adults who have participated.

YearAge GroupVisitorTravel To
2001U14 GirlsSBL Revolution GirlsEurope
2000U14 Girls**SBL HeartbreakersUSA Cup, Blain, Minnesota
2000U16 Girls**SBL Tidal WavesHawaii Cup
2000U18 BoysWesterstede, Germany
1999U14 Boys**SBL Euro Jaguars 1999Germany
1999U14 Boys**SBL StrikersHawaii Cup
1999U14 Girls**SBL Euro Rebels 1999Denmark and Germany
1998U12 Girls**HeartbreakersRainbow Tournament, Honolulu
1998U14 Boys**San Bruno ScorpiansRainbow Tournament, Honolulu
1998U16 Boys**AYSO National GamesLos Angeles
1998U19 Boys**San Bruno LowenUSA Cup, Blain, Minnesota, 2nd Place
1998U19 BoysAndernack, Germany July 23, 1998
1998U19 BoysWesterstede, Germany August 8-16, 1998
1998U19 Girls**AYSO National GamesLos Angeles
1997U14 Boys** San Bruno VipersRainbow Tournament, Honolulu
1997U14 Boys**San Bruno UnitedWesterstede & Andernach, Germany/Hollard
1997U19 BoysGermany Tour
1996U16 Girls**San Bruno EarthquakesAtlanta, GA & Southeast USA
1996U16 GirlsGermany-Parkside Tournament
1996U16 GirlsWesterstede Germany visit the Eagles
1996U19 BoysBad Homburg, Germany
1995U12 BoysBoryssia Dortmund, Germany
1995U12 Girls**San Bruno GrasshoppersRainbow Tournament, Honolulu
1995U14 Girls**San Bruno EaglesEngland, Holland, Germany
1995U17 BoysWesterstede & Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
1995U19 Boys**San Bruno LowenUSA Cup, Blain, Minnesota
1994U14 Boys**San BrunoVarious travel thru Germany
1994U16 BoysHamburg, Germany
1993U16 Boys, GirlsNordhorn & Westerstede Germany
1992U14, U16 Boys**San BrunoWesterstede-Bischosfheim- Nordhorn-Hamburg, Germany
1992U20 GirlsWesterstede, Germany
1991U14 BoysBischosfheim, Germany
1990U12 Girls**San BrunoRainbow Tournament, Honolulu
1989U12 Girls**San BrunoReno, Nevada
1989U19 BoysBremenhaven, Germany
1988U16 Boys**San BrunoWesterstede-Oberhausen-Windischen Bach, Germany
1988U17 BoysAlamania Aachen, Germany
1987U17 BoysSC Buchausin, Germany
1987U17 BoysBoys Club, Torresdale, Philadelphia
1987U19 BoysWesterstede, Germany
1987U19 Girls**San BrunoAustralia
1986U16 Boys**San BrunoCanada, Philiadelphia, Florida
1986U16 Girls**San BrunoEdmonton, Canada
1986U17 BoysSparta Wertle, Germany
1985U16 Boys & GirlsSterling Heights, Michigan
1985U16 Boys & GirlsNormania & Berlin, Germany
1984U19 BoysWesterstede & Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
1983U19 & U16 Boys**San BrunoGermany & Bavaria
1982U16 Boys**San BrunoReno, Nevada
1982U16 BoysReno, Nevada
1982U19 BoysBad Zwischenahn, Germany
1981U19 BoysWesterstede, Germany
1979U19 BoysCuthaven, Germany