Lowen'83 Soccer Club

Spring 2015 – Game Schedule

All requested times have been posted. The schedule is still temporary and will change as other fields become available. AYSO practice times will be added as they become available.
2015 Spring Practice Schedule (the schedule is not confirmed yet) Notification will go out once the schedule is firm)



The spring league games will start the last weekend of March. The schedule will be out by mid March. Please check your games carefully. Games can only be changed with the consent of the other team and only for a good reason, "coach not available is not one". The fields are very full and we have limited open space. Here is the link:


2015 U8 - U9 NorCal Spring League

2015 U10 - U13 NorCal Spring League

2015 U14 - U19 Norcal Spring League

2015 Norcal NPL Spring