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BU12 Ravens Black

SB Lowen Ravens Black


BU12 RAVENS BLACK for the 2015/2016 Soccer Seasons

***RAVENS BLACK are looking to add another keeper (born between August 2003 and July 2004 or younger) for Fall 2015/Spring 2016 seasons! Please contact Mazen via email at musallam@aol.com or by cell phone at 650-291-7266***


Head Coach                                             Assistant Coach                                     Manager
Jose Gonzalez                                            Ramon De La Cruz                                     Mazen Musallam
650-922-2015                                            510-861-0501                                            650-291-7266
kicho1970@yahoo.com                               ramonzarco@att.net                                   musallam@aol.com

Team Schedule-Spring 2015

Team Schedule - Fall 2015 Silver North Division...Coming Soon!


Team Honors

2015: 3rd Place, District II Spring Cup Tournament (U11 Silver A Division)

2015: 2nd Place, CCSL Spring League Silver North Division (U11)

2014: Champions, CCSL Fall League Bronze North Division (U11)

2014: 2nd Place, Fall Cal North Junior Cup Festival Tournament (U11)

2014: 2nd Place, District II Spring Cup Tournament (U10 Bronze)

2014: 2nd Place, Spring Poppy Jasper Cup and Skills Competition (U10)

2013: Champions, District II Fall Cup Tournament (U10 Bronze)

2013: 3rd Place, Fall Stanford Summer Classic Division 3 Tournament (U10)

2013: 2nd Place, District II Spring Cup Tournament (U9 Bronze)

2012: 2nd Place, District II Spring Cup Tournament (U8 Copper)

2012: 3rd Place, CCSL Spring League Copper North Division (U8)

2012: Team Established in January 2012 competing in the Spring League U8 Copper division of CCSL. On the current 2015 Silver Level team, seven of 14 players are original members of the team from 2012!